Cosmetic Dermatology

BOTOX® Cosmetic

BOTOX® | Sclerotherapy | Age Spots Removal | Boynton Beach FLBOTOX® Cosmetic is commonly used to reduce or eliminate the appearance of facial wrinkles. It is injected under the skin into areas surrounding the eyes, forehead and mouth to smooth crow's feet, frown and worry lines, and lines on the neck. Made from a purified protein, BOTOX® relaxes wrinkles and gives the face a rejuvenated look. BOTOX® may also be useful for migraine headaches, excessive sweating, and eye and neck muscle spasms.

Elta MD® Skin Care

BOTOX® | Sclerotherapy | Age Spots Removal | Boynton Beach FLManufactured by Swiss American Products, Inc., Elta MD® skin care products can be used to enhance and maintain the overall health and appearance of the skin. Products such as cleansers, moisturizers and sun blocks are specially designed to smooth, heal and protect the skin and may be applied on a daily basis.

The philosophy behind these advanced products is that by incorporating medically-approved products into a regular skin regimen, patients can protect themselves against a wide range of skin conditions. They are especially beneficial prior to a procedure because healthy skin will often heal faster and experience improved results.


BOTOX® | Sclerotherapy | Age Spots Removal | Boynton Beach FLSclerotherapy is a minimally invasive medical procedure used to treat varicose and spider veins, most commonly found on the legs, by collapsing them through the use of a solvent. Sclerotherapy has been used on patients since the 1930s with great success, producing increasingly effective medical, as well as cosmetic, results.

Individuals troubled by varicose veins, either because they find them unattractive or because the diseased veins are causing unpleasant and/or dangerous symptoms, such as leg pain, cramping and difficulty standing for any length of time.

During sclerotherapy, a solution of saline and a sclerosant is injected into the damaged veins. This will cause irritation in the affected veins and produce their eventual collapse. During this procedure, the surgeon is guided through the use of ultrasound to ensure precision. When the weakened veins collapse, they will be reabsorbed into the body and other healthier veins will take their place in the circulatory system. The procedure usually takes less than an hour, but the patient may require more than one treatment. Some bruising is to be expected after the procedure, but usually resolves quickly.

Facial Veins

There are tiny red blood vessels running along parts of the face just under the surface of the skin. If they dilate, they can become noticeable. Also known as spider veins or broken capillaries, the medical term for them is telangiectasias. They frequently appear on the face, particularly around the nose, chin and cheeks. These facial capillaries may look like a series of lines, tree branches or a spider- or web-like shape, with a red or blue color. While most cases of facial capillaries are of purely cosmetic concern, some patients may also experience uncomfortable symptoms such as aching, burning and swelling from this condition.

Treatments to restore a smooth, clear appearance include:

  • Laser Treatment
  • Sclerotherapy
  • Micro-Needling
  • Radio Waves
  • Electrolysis

Age Spots

Age spots on the skin are a common sign of aging. Also known as brown spots or liver spots, they are flat painless areas, light brown to black in color. Age spots tend to appear on the parts of the body that are most likely to be uncovered and unprotected from the sun, such as the face, hands, arms, shoulders and feet. They vary in size, but are larger than freckles. Age spots are most common in people over the age of 40.

While age spots are not medically dangerous, many people who develop them find them cosmetically unappealing. Many people with brown spots are unhappy and embarrassed by them, especially when they are located in noticeable areas. There are numerous treatments available to improve them and help patients achieve clear, blemish-free skin once again, including:

  • Liquid nitrogen (cryotherapy)
  • Skin bleaching
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Laser skin resurfacing
  • Chemical peels